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Business Development

We are a one-stop business platform supporting businesses to enter the Middle East region and beyond. Assisting businesses to grow through various channels of expansion. The focus is on deriving best fit solution. Providing the local know-how and support to realize business benefits and delivering results. Exhaustive experience, diverse businesses within the group*, and regional relationships, enhances our capability and reach. By assisting in understanding the market to business setup and rollout, we walk with the client through entire project lifecycle depending on their business needs.

Our Services

Feasibility Study

- Market Research

- Competition Analysis

- Opportunity Mapping

- Business Strategy

- Business Plan

- Resource Mapping


- Legal Structure

- Operating Infrastructure**

- Sales Channel Network

- Define Operating Procedure

- Define Key Deliverables


- Business Rollout

- Performance Review

- Strategy Correction

- Expansion


* Group directly operates businesses in sectors like Ecommerce, food, fitness, electronics, distribution, fashion, technology and education.

**Operating infrastructure - Human resource, IT, Marketing, Logistics

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